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Committee on Research (AFF)

All research resources at the University of Konstanz are allocated on the basis of competitive review procedures through the Committee on Research (AFF). Project proposals for staff and consumables can be submitted through the yearly call, ending 15 October, and, for new university members, through the supplementary call, ending 15 June.

Supervisors of doctoral candidates can apply for completion grants for their students. These grants have a maximum duration of three months. Applications with detailed justification and specific description of tasks can be submitted any time.

Professors and excellent postdoctoral researchers of the University of Konstanz are eligible to apply.

We will inform you about open calls of the Committee on Research in our newsletter and here.

AFF rules of procedure

A list of the current AFF members can be found here.

For a detailed description of the application process, please see the process map (log-in required from outside university intranet).

Person responsible for the programme: Christina Leib-Keßler, phone 2393.



Young Scholar Fund (YSF)

As a University of Excellence, the University of Konstanz is committed to improving the working conditions of its junior researchers. For this, the Young Scholar Fund provides financial means to junior professors and excellent postdocs.

In order to be eligible, researchers must be in possession of a doctorate, demonstrate an independent research activity and aim for a career in academia. Researchers are usually considered independent if they have solicited third-party funds for staff or have independently (i.e. not jointly with a professor) published their research and have at least two years of experience as a postdoctoral researcher.

The Committee on Research decides whether applicants are eligible. Should potential candidates have doubts concerning their eligibility, they may submit an academic CV and list of publications for a preliminary check.

The YSF can provide up to 50.000 € per calendar year. You can apply for staff costs (doctoral students and student assistants), instrumentation, consumables, travel expenses and costs for participating in conferences or workshops.

The funds serve as start-up or co-funding of individual projects. They should not substitute external research funding, but contribute to a successful third-party grant. Funding of an entire doctoral project (usually 3 years) is excluded.

Proposals are reviewed by the Committee on Research (AFF). Open calls for proposals will be published in our newsletter and on our website.

Up to 2015, the YSF was advertised twice a year. For 2016 there are no calls expected. Also, for the time being, the funding line for a budget of less than 10.000 € is closed.  

For general information please contact Anja Eisenbeiß, phone 4733.



Equal Opportunity Office

The Equal Opportunity Office offers financial support in the form of stipends and subsidies and thus supports the qualification and career development of female researchers and researchers with children.

Bridging grants, flexible working conditions, lab support, and travel expenses for children, partner or babysitters can be funded.

More information can be found on the website of the Equal Opportunity Office. If you have any questions, please contact Tanja Edelhäußer.



Foundations at the University of Konstanz

The Lion Foundation and the "Foundation for the Cooperation of the Universities of Konstanz and Tel Aviv" support cooperative research projects with researchers from both universities. Bilateral projects can be funded with up to 15.000 US$. The yearly call for proposals will be published in spring and will be made available through our newsletter.

The contact person at the University of Konstanz is Prof. Dr. Günter Schatz, Department of Physics, phone 3540.

The LION Foundation does not accept any proposals for project funding until further notice.


The  Foundation Umwelt und Wohnen at the University of Konstanz supports research concerned with environmental protection.This includes individual research projects, publication subsidies, participation in conferences and stipends for students and junior researchers at partner universities of the University of Konstanz. In addition, the foundation, together with the Landesbausparkasse Baden-Württemberg, awards an annual environmental prize, which is worth 10.000 €. Members of the Universities of Konstanz and Hohenheim and their partner universities are eligible to apply.

The contact person is Julia Wandt, phone 5340.


The Foundation Wissenschaft und Gesellschaftmainly supports research and teaching, junior researchers and supplementary activities at the University of Konstanz. It awards an annual prize for the promotion of junior researchers from the social sciences and a six-month scholarship to a doctoral student. In addition, the foundation also supports selected smaller measures.

The contact person is Julia Wandt, phone 5340.


The Paul-Lorenzen-Foundation supports science and research at the University of Konstanz, in particular by offering:

  • funding for the Philosophical Archive at the University of Konstanz, and in connection with this
  • funding for academic events in philosophy and related fields
  • fellowships and awards for outstanding academic achievements
  • funding for academic publications which contribute to intensifying the dialogue between science and society.

The contact person is Dr. Brigitte Parakenings, phone 3729.



Library: Open Access Publishing Fund

Due to a generous DFG grant, the library is able to support open-access publications. Eligible articles must be published in open access journals after 1 January 2011 and the processing fees must not exceed 2.000 € per article.

Information Sheet (in German)


Further Internal Funding Opportunities

The alumni club Verein der ehemaligen der Universität Konstanz (VEUK) supports the organisation of academic events as well as research and teaching at the University of Konstanz.


The Universitätsgesellschaft Konstanzsupports research and teaching at the University of Konstanz, academic training, international exchange and maintaining the relationship between the university and other public groups interested in research.


Awards at the University of Konstanz

A number of academic prizes are awarded at the University of Konstanz, both by the university itself and by external institutions.

Overview internal awards

Overview external awards